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Yonghong Industrial Equipment (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-end equipment for processing and supporting in the rubber and plastic industry. It is based in Dongguan, a modern and charming young city in the Pearl River Delta of South China. In line with the development concept of mastering the core technology, Yong Hong began to develop intelligent control systems with independent intellectual property rights, such as mold temperature machine, dehumidification dryer, nitrogen drying (special for transparent materials), feeding system, fast cooling and fast heating (high gloss) temperature controller and so on. The control systems of Yonghong's products currently on the market all use self-developed control systems, which makes it more convenient for customers to upgrade equipment and flexibly connect to the big data connection in the industrial 4.0 era. Adhering to the business philosophy of "good quality, good price and good service", Yonghong has successfully entered the new energy industry from the traditional rubber and plastic industry by virtue of its technical advantages in the precision field in recent years. The equipment is widely used in precision component molding, food packaging, medical devices, optical products, communication, sanitary ware, electrical appliances, automobiles and other high demand industries. At the same time, actively promote highly intelligent equipment and control system, and strive to build an intelligent unmanned chemical plant for customers. Adhering to "R & D, technological innovation and high-quality service" is the enterprise spirit of the company. Rigorous modern management system, scientific production technology and strong technical force have achieved stable and durable products. Yonghong's professional service spirit and products have attracted many customers and partners. Yonghong is committed to establishing a long-term and stable strategic partnership with customers, growing and developing together with customers and creating brilliance!


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Yonghong Industrial Equipment (Dongguan) Co., Ltd

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